MONDAY 11TH June 2018


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Official Opening

Conference Coordinator Mr. Kyriakos Pierides



Address by the Chief of Cyprus Police

Mr Zacharias Chrysostomou


Address by the Executive Director of CEPOL

Dr. Detlef Schroeder


Address by the Attorney General

Mr Costas Clerides


Address by the Minister of Justice and Public Order,

Mr Ionas Nicolaou, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Cyprus


1000 - 1020

Opening by the Chair of the Conference, Mr. Nigel Jones


School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing

Canterbury Christ Church University

1020 – 1050




SESSION Ι: Cybercrime Trends and Threats



1050 - 1120

Current & Emerging Threats: Internet of Things


Mr. Peter Zinn, ICT Security Specialist, Cyber Agent


1120 - 1150

Current Trends and Threats in Cybercrime as dealt by the F.B.I.


Mr. Aristedes Mahairas, Special Agent in Charge, Special Operations/Cyber Division,

Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.), U.S.A.


1150 - 1220

The Latest Cybercrime Trends and Threats


Mr. Jarek Jakubcek, Strategy Analyst, EC3, EUROPOL


1220 - 1250

Addressing the Evolving Cyber Threats – the EU Policy Response


Ms. Angelina Gros-Tchorbadjiyska,

DG Migration and Home Affairs Task Force Security Union, European Commission

1250 – 1320

Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks of Session I from the Chair


1320 - 1420





SESSION ΙΙ: Financial Aspects of Cybercrime,

Darknet & Cryptocurrencies

& Cybersecurity


1420 - 1450

The use of ICT tools as a double-edge sword. The OLAF perspective


Mr. Francesco Albore, European Anti-Fraud Office, OLAF

1450 - 1520

Challenges and Best Practices in Investigating Cryptocurrencies


Mr. Jarek Jakubcek, Strategy Analyst, EC3, EUROPOL

1520 - 1540

Implications and Challenges regarding Economic and Financial Aspects in Investigating Cybercrime cases


Captain Antonio Romano, IT Department, GUARDIA DI FINANZA

1540 - 1600

Emerging Threats in Cybersecurity


Mr. Andreas Iacovou, National Computer Security Incident Response Team – Cyprus





Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks of Session II from the Chair









TUESDAY 12TH June 2018




Conference Coordinator: Mr. Kyriakos Pierides



SESSION ΙΙΙ: Best Practices and Training in the Area of Cybercrime,

Case studies

Chair: Mr. Nigel Jones

0900 - 0930

Training E.U. Law Enforcement Officers in preventing and combating Cybercrime


Ms. Silvia Smadova, Cybercrime Portfolio Manager, CEPOL

0930 - 1000

Cybercrime Capacity Building


Ms. Mariana Chicu, Cybercrime Programme Office , Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law, Council of Europe


1000 – 1030

Addressing New Challenges in Cybercrime Education: The Agile Approach

How international cooperation facilitates national strategies


Mr. Yves Vandermeer, Chair of the European Cybercrime Training and Education Group

1030 - 1100

Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks for Session III from the Chair

1100 - 1130



1130 - 1200

IoT-Cyberattacks against Deutsche Telekom – Operation HARBOUR


Mr. Fred-Mario Silberbach, Head of Cybercrime Investigations, BKA Germany


1200 - 1230

Attacks on Information System with International Leads – Case study

Mr. Andreas Anastasiades , Head of Cybercrime Unit, Cyprus Police

1230 - 1300

The Challenge of Crime Attribution in an Ever Changing World


Mr. Nigel Jones, School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing,

Canterbury Christ Church University

1300 - 1330

Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks for Session III

& Concluding Remarks from the Chair

1330 - 1400


Closing of the Conference by the Chief of Cyprus Police,

Mr. Zacharias Chrysostomou